Yachting Clients

Looking for a place to get some food and other necessities while sailing the Ionian with your yacht?
Well, you have come in the right place. Here at Kaparelli Taverna we love yachts and their adventurous passengers. We have been their all-in-one stop for the past 36 years. Our sailing guests range from all the major Ionian sailing flotillas, one of them being Sailing Holidays, to private yacht owners that return to see us and taste our delicious food every year.

What we offer to yachts who use our jetty:

  • 10% DISCOUNT to all customers that come to St. Stefanos by sea, no matter where your yacht or boat is anchored
  • Free mooring on our jetty
  • Free fresh water

Therefore, if you are sailing close by, between the coast of North East Corfu and Albania, pull into the picturesque Saint Stefanos bay and come try us for lunch or dinner. If you would like to reserve a table, or need to make sure that there is room on our jetty before getting here, call us at (0030) 26630-81511. We look forward to serving you and we guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

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